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From The New York Times

"Sun-beaten stretches of wetlands, empty real estate dreams and a duplicitous developer bring together a mismatched cast of lost souls in Zuluaga’s entertaining debut. Fort Starlight is a moving story of half-recovered dreams and reconfigurations of pseudo-families but Zuluaga's prose is strongest when she writes about the intersections of nature and man in this strong pocket of Florida."

From Publishers Weekly

"Zuluaga’s absorbing, expertly written debut explores the intersection of dreams and reality in the bizarre wilderness of Florida’s wetlands. Zuluaga's portrayal of what happens to dreams deferred is beautifully executed."

From Booklist

"In her first novel, Pushcart nominee transports her readers to Fort Starlight, a Florida community founded on little more than hopes and promises. Zuluaga's prose is delicate and artful, creating inviting depths from which readers can draw his or her own meaning."

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